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If you wait until your asphalt looks like this, you’re flushing money away.

The Asphalt Institute states: “The key to extending the life of your pavement, in the most economical manner, is with timely preventive maintenance.”

Planning for regular asphalt maintenance transforms an expense into a manageable asset, saving thousands of dollars by significantly extending the life of the existing pavement.

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What Is Asphalt Rejuvenator?

Asphalt Rejuvenator is a penetrant, not a surface coating. It penetrates into the asphalt to chemically replasticize or rejuvenate the asphalt binder to improve pavement condition and reduce costly future cracking and repairs.

Since 1979 Rowles Asphalt has provided detailed site and budget evaluations using the most up to date products and technologies. Rowles Asphalt is one of the largest contractors in the area using modern “Chemical Rejuvenation” for asphalt and concrete.

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All Rejuvenators Are Not the Same!

Hydro-labs, Inc. is the manufacture of Conditioning Pavement Rejuvenator (CPR).

CPR is designed to replace the lost maltenes, (the soft fraction of the asphalt binder), in the original asphalt pavement and restore the new-like qualities of viscosity, ductility,and bitumen content, that will significantly extend the life of the pavement.

CPR is classified as both a Reactive Penetrant and a Reactive Species of 3-part blended chemicals, unlike some other so-called rejuvenators. With regard to air and water quality monitoring over the past 22 years, CPR has never registered near or above state DEP and Federal EPA guidelines of 5ppm of hydrocarbon contamination even when precipitation occurred within 1 hour after CPR application.

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