What impression does your parking lot make on your customers?

The cost of new paving has risen dramatically over the years. As a result, your asphalt pavement is now a much more valuable asset and should be a top maintenance priority. The condition of the parking lot adds or detracts from the aesthetics and safety of your property.

As a full service maintenance contractor for the last 30 years, we offer REJUVENATOR CHEMICAL TREATMENT as the most modern solution to your parking lot maintenance. REJUVENATOR is an alternative to sealcoats and a cost effective product for asphalt preservation. REJUVENATOR is not a sealcoat or surface coating. It is a penetrant that chemically bonds with the existing asphalt. It reverses oxidative hardening, replenishes lost oils which makes the blacktop more flexible, bringing it back to better condition and restoring the black appearance it had when it was first installed.

Retail sites need to have a well-maintained parking lot that projects a welcoming image to your customers. It is the first thing customers see and it is important that it creates a positive impression. If the parking lot is in good condition, it makes the rest of the facility look first class. A poorly kept parking lot suggests that the entire site is not well-maintained and could actually cost you business.

Safety is also a major issue if lots are not maintained regularly. A lot in poor condition paves the way for potential lawsuits from slip and fall or other injuries that can be more costly than preventive maintenance. Oxidation from sunlight and weather causes the asphalt to lighten in color and become brittle as it ages. Lots should be inspected regularly to determine what type of work is required to keep your pavement in satisfactory condition. Maintenance options such as pothole and drain repairs, crack filling and restriping of faded pavement markings should be combined with an overall approach.

Most retail owners and managers do not want to use coal tar sealcoats. They know that there can be a significant dollar investment for a product that only lasts about 12-24 months and they might not be happy with the results. Sealcoats provide a temporary black appearance but do nothing to reverse the damage caused by oxidative hardening or improve the condition of the asphalt pavement. Sealcoats wear unevenly in the drive lanes while the parking areas remain black. When the sealer wears off, the protection is gone. Another problem with sealcoats is that repeated application may result in sealer cracking. This detracts from the appearance of the parking lot and can actually damage the asphalt making it necessary to repave.

We have applied over 15 million square yards of REJUVENATOR. It lasts 36-60 months and when REJUVENATOR is used on a lot that is in good condition, it gives the appearance of new paving. While it can last twice as long as sealcoat it is not twice the price. We can say with confidence that our REJUVENATOR TREATMENT will lower your pavement maintenance costs, extend the pavement’s life and improve the appearance of your retail facility.

Rowles Asphalt has consistently informed property owners and managers of new products for all aspects of asphalt maintenance so they can make an educated decision to establish a regular maintenance program. Along with Asphalt Rejuvenator, we provide water-based Seal Coating, Crack Filling, Line Striping, Asphalt Paving Repair, Asphalt Resurface/Overlay, Drain Pipe and Catch Basin Installation, Drain Repairs, Drain Repairs with New Asphalt Patch, French and Strip Drains, Sub-base Paving Fabrics, Overlay Paving Fabrics, Concrete Work and Concrete Sealing, Excavation and other Specialty Services.

Planning for regular maintenance transforms an expense into an asset. This investment in the property saves millions of dollars by significantly extending the life of the existing pavement. Maintenance of existing asphalt is an environmentally friendly process.