Asphalt Resurface/Overlay

Resurfacing is sometimes the only decision for pavements that exhibit severe deterioration, deep wide cracks, depressions and potholes. These areas should be dug out and repaired with proper compaction of the stone base, and filled with hot mix asphalt prior to installing the new surface. If the original pavement is not properly repaired prior to the overlay, deteriorated areas will return in a relatively short time. Once repairs are completed, the overlay can be placed. An asphalt overlay should consist of 1-1/2 to 2 inches of hot mix wearing course, properly rolled and compacted. Rowles Asphalt includes all these factors, which are industry engineering standards, in our detailed bid specifications. What may seem like a higher price will result in a longer lasting new surface. Remember that an overlay does not last as long as the original pavement, so it is imperative that a maintenance program be budgeted for and started within 1-2 years after installation.