Drain Installation & Repairs

Defects occur with age and routine inspections should be conducted with the assistance of a reputable parking lot maintenance contractor. Some of the main defects are:

  1. The catch basin is higher then the surrounding pavement;
  2. Sinkholes develop in the asphalt adjacent to the basin;
  3. Sinkholes develop in an area away from the basin, in the direction of the drain pipe;
  4. The concrete top is deteriorated or has shifted on an angle, and bricks or large amounts of stones fall to the bottom of the basin.

When Rowles Asphalt repairs a drain, we pull the lids, take the drain apart as much as required, rebuild it with new bricks, and concrete it in for a proper long lasting repair. This is not the cheapest approach but this repair will give you the best value for your maintenance dollar.

Drain Repairs
Drain Repair with Asphalt Patching