Surtreat Sealing System for Concrete Rejuvenation and Protection

Rowles Asphalt offers concrete sealing using the Surtreat Total Performance System™ (TPS™). Surtreat® chemically inhibits and prevents concrete corrosion and deterioration by providing prescriptive solutions, as easy application is uniquely formulated for each project. It’s proprietary formulas are developed to prevent or halt corrosion and concrete deterioration on many fronts. The TPS™ proprietary formulas chemically react with concrete and rebar to:

  • Establish a protective film on the rebar surface
  • Convert rust to a hard inert shell
  • Purge and stabilize contaminants
  • Reduce water penetration
  • Elevate and/or control PH
  • Increase compressive strength
  • Provide resistance to acid
  • Substantially reduce porosity
  • Increase hardness
  • Increase surface adhesion
  • Seal microcracking

By attacking corrosion and deterioration on multiple fronts, TPS™ provides a significant extension to the useful life of concrete surfaces.